Neighborhood Cleanup Dumpsters Scheduled

CNHA is pleased to announce that we will provide 3 yard waste dumpsters on selected Saturday mornings this summer. Dumpsters will be placed on the north side of NW 44th Terrace from 8AM to noon. Yard waste dumpsters will be available on June 20th, September 19th and October 17th. Volunteers to monitor the dumpsters to ensure appropriate use would be welcome! Contact Frank Coppa to sign up.

This dumpster program is part of the KCMO Neighborhood Clean-up initiative and gives us a great, low cost opportunity to help our neighbors get rid of prunings, dead shrubs and other hard to dispose of yard waste. Plan ahead to make the most of this service!

2020 Dues

CNHA annual dues for 2020 are now seriously past due: the $10 late fee is in effect and interest is accruing. Please respond promptly with your directory updates and payment. For your convenience, you can now pay online using your bank account or credit card through PayPal.